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Accelerate the transformation of your production sites thanks to 5G with Equans

5G will be a key tool in Industry 4.0. Equans Digital can support its industrial clients to take advantage of all the benefits offered by the 5th-generation mobile network.
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Discover our first activity report. 

You will discover, among other things, an interview with Jérôme Stubler, who looks back on the first year of Equans. You will also find a presentation of our mission, and our principles in terms of health and safety, ethics and compliance, and operational excellence. This report explains our main areas of expertise and intervention, illustrated by key client cases in 2021.

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Accelerate the transformation of your production sites thanks to 5G with Equans

The deployment of the latest mobile technology will accelerate the transition to Industry 4.0. It offers an alternative to current 4G LTE or Wi-Fi, with interesting prospects in terms of bandwidth, latency, and service quality, and therefore new possibilities for use. 5G will thus facilitate and accelerate the potential of real-time man-to-machine/machine-to-machine communication, robotics, connected sensors, digital models and digital twins, IoT (Internet of Things) and telecontrol as well as hypervision. Combined, these processes create a promising prospect: the smart factory based on a network of interconnected sensors that allows for automated and optimised control of a robotic production line. Factory 4.0 will not only be more efficient. Its greater connectivity will allow for optimisation of energy consumption and flow management, and therefore its overall environmental impact. What's more, a 5G network inherently consumes much less power than older technology: up to 90% less than 4G, according to operators. Taking advantage of these benefits now means building a private 5G network on site. France’s Electronic Communications Regulatory Authority Arcep has authorised the testing of several 5G networks, and major industrial groups such as Arcelor Mittal have initiated experimental projects ("5G Steel"). As an integrator of Industry 4.0 solutions, Equans Digital can support future industrial sites with this new connectivity. Equans has solid expertise in telecoms equipment for companies and infrastructure: the group is a leader in Europe in the link between the physical, electrical and digital layers. As an "agnostic" solution integrator, Equans Digital can suggest relevant use cases exploiting new connectivity models via 5G thanks to its in-depth knowledge of industrial processes. With this in mind, the organisation is preparing to upgrade its Industry 4.0 Lab in Montargis (France) to include 5G. Equans is part of the Bouygues Group, which also has operator capacity through Bouygues Telecom, a key 5G player in France, with which Equans could combine forces. 

International Women's Day

Jérôme Stubler met with three female managers, Emmanuelle Brisemur, CEO Equans Transport (Equans France), Solène Cosnefroy, Urban Transport Activity Director (Equans France), and Lucie Montagne, Project Manager. The aim was to affirm the Group's ambition to promote gender diversity, to increase the attractiveness of our businesses and the number of women managers in the company, to understand their career paths and to learn from their views on issues such as the benefits of gender diversity, the broadening of profiles, the professional/personal balance, the importance of role models and sexist behavior.

Press release: Equans appoints its Executive Committee

Following the completion of the acquisition of Equans by the Bouygues Group on October 4, and the transfer of the Bouygues Energies & Services and Kraftanlagen subsidiaries to Equans by Bouygues Construction, Jérôme Stubler, Chairman of Equans, announces the appointment of the new Group Executive Committee, effective February 1, 2023. Bruno Charrade, in charge of the Americas (USA, Canada, Chile, Colombia and Peru).Mark Dirckx, CEO of Equans Belgium and Luxembourg. Richard Dujardin, in charge of Switzerland and the Netherlands.Ana Giros, in charge of Strategy, Development and CSR as well as activities in Australia and New Zealand and Executive President of Equans Belgium.Pierre Hardouin, CEO of Equans France.Olivier Hérout, in charge of Human Resources and Health & Safety.Etienne Jacolin, in charge of Finance, Legal and Information Systems.Thomas Jung, in charge of Operational Excellence, Innovation and Purchasing.Florence Lépany-Duval, in charge of Communications.Jean-Philippe Loiseau, CEO of Equans UK and Ireland.Dominique Néel, in charge of the Smart Buildings Division and the activities of Bouygues Energies & Services France.Stéphane Stoll, in charge of Central Europe (Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic, Romania and Croatia) and the Data Centres and Energy BU of Bouygues Energies & Services.

Press release: Equans signs an agreement with the National Guard to support commitment to the reserves

Created in October 2016 following the attacks in France, the National Guard brings together 77,000 volunteer reservists from the armed forces and internal security. Equans supports the civic commitment of its employees who wish to serve in it.  Jérôme Stubler, President of Equans, today signed an agreement with General Louis-Mathieu Gaspari, Secretary General of the French National Guard, which ensures that reservists will continue to be paid for a cumulative period of 10 days. Notice periods are also reduced to 3 weeks for an absence of 1 to 8 days and 4 weeks beyond that. In the presence of Pierre Hardouin, Managing Director of Equans France, and Olivier Hérout, Human Resources Director of the Group, several other Equans executives, who are involved as reservists, testify to their interest in the National Guard.  Carolle Foissaud, General Manager of Specialties at Equans France, is a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Gendarmerie Reserve and a Knight of the National Order of Merit. President of Ineo Defense, Béatrice Bacconnet is a reserve officer in the French Navy, assigned to the Cyber Defence Staff. Knight of the Legion of Honour, she is also holder of the Medal of the Voluntary Reservists of Defence and Internal Security. Director of Human Resources Development, Claire Schnoering began her commitment as an operational reservist in the French Navy before becoming an operational reserve officer at the Defence Staff.
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