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About Equans

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Equans, a Bouygues group company, is the world leader in multi-technical services with offices in 20 country hubs.

This brand expresses the desire to provide the right answer [ANS] to the equations [EQU] of our customers.

We design and provide customised solutions to improve our customers’ buildings, technical equipment, systems and processes and to support them in optimising their use.

With nearly 95,000 highly qualified employees and a strong geographic footprint through our historical local brands, we have excellent technical know-how in design, installation, maintenance and performance services, with a unique combination of skills as in HVAC, Cooling & Fire protection, Facility Management, Digital & ICT, Electrical, Mechanical & Robotics...

Equans expertise and knowledge of our customers’ businesses now place us to support them in their transitions for modernisation and sustainable development.

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Our vision & our mission

Acting to build an efficient, safe and connected world, Equans provides technological expertise and tailor-made services to support the world's major transitions, for everyone, now and in the future.

We are focused on being the performance partner of our clients to connect, power and protect territories, cities, buildings, facilities and energy & transportation systems. Our teams are bringing skills and agility to design, construct and maintain solutions to meet our customers energy, digital and industrial transition expectations.

Equans is a pure player, with 6 complementary areas of expertise: Electrical, HVAC, Cooling & Fire protection, Mechanical & Robotics, Digital & ICT, Facility Management.

A major partner offering multi-technical proximity services and in select specialist areas of excellence where expertise is a key differentiator. An overall technical services leader of scale covering the breadth of the value chain supported by a highly-skilled workforce.



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