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Public and private players in the Marine & Offshore sectors require technical solutions adapted to their specific environment, whether they own surface vessels, merchant fleets, specialised vessels, offshore or submarine platforms.

They aspire to comfort on board, even in the most difficult conditions. Finally, decarbonisation is becoming a major issue for this sector as well.

To meet these demands, Equans offers tailor-made solutions in refrigeration, fire safety, HVAC and electrical engineering. We also provide ship technical support with tailor-made repairs. This approach reduces installation and operating costs and helps meet decarbonization objectives.

EQUANS equips the Wonder of the Seas, France


In November 2021, Chantiers de l’Atlantique («the French shipbuilder») delivered Wonder of the Seas, a giant cruise ship (length 362 m, width 64.8 m, height 72 m, weight 227,000 tons with 2,867 cabins, 1,800 of which have sea views).

Equans Axima carried out the coordination studies and installation, assembly of sheaths, piping and electricity for the 77 mechanical rooms that control the ship’s air conditioning and ventilation.

Approximately 150,000 hours of work were required to carry out this project, the main difficulty of which lay in the compactness of the technical air-conditioning premises: a great deal of expertise on the part of Axima Marine in St Nazaire (France), a leader in this field.

Wonder of seas boat

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