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Health & safety

At EQUANS, safety is one of our absolute must have. Our goal is to have 0 severe accidents. Major risks must be defined and followed from design to execution, to ensure the safety of all. To achieve this, we have implemented a strong prevention approach, with 5 major actions.

1. Managerial commitment

All managers are trained in Health and Safety leadership and demonstrate exemplarity in monthly site visits.

100% of operational technicians have a safety culture discussion with their managers every year.


worksite meeting
Engineer checking and maintenance technical data of system equipment condenser Water pump and piping air compressor system at manufacturing factory.

2. Training & on-boarding 

At EQUANS, everyone must have training and on-boarding process related to their job specificities. 100% of new hires received a health and safety on-boarding training and temporary workers received a reinforced induction

3. A culture of safety

We promote positive and transparent management in all our entities: to learn from mistakes,  practices of recognition and fair sanction, etc..
Each entity implements and reinforces the principles of a fair culture.

technician briefing

4. Produce safely

We prepare worksite at design stage, processes and workstation ergonomics, identify risks and treat them on site. All our activities respect our prevention approach.

5. Root cause analysis

A learning culture is developed at all levels. The sharing of successes as well as failures is an essential condition for success. Every severe accident is subject to a root cause analysis.
Debriefs are taken for review and learning. 

safety meeting

Health & Safety 10  Golden rules

Strictly enforced by all

Safety golden rules
Safety golden rules
Safety golden rules