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You need a cooling expert who can guarantee the reliability of your installations, offer you clean, tailor-made solutions, and commit to your energy performance?

In response to your industrial or commercial cooling needs, Equans offers tailor-made solutions based on our long-standing know-how, which we can back up with energy performance contracts. Digital maintenance, carbon capture installations, and our network of Equans specialists close to your sites complete our cooling offer.

Our teams are also committed to results through the Energy Performance Contract. In agreement with our clients, we agree on a quality level with a bonus-malus system depending on the results. This provides them with a financial guarantee. 

Since years, Equans R&D refrigeration team, works on green & natural refrigerants to be used in the retail, industrial & wharehousing sectors.

Cooling is one of Equans' areas of expertise, linked to HVAC, electricity and digital technologies.

technician in cooling installation

Keeping products cold at positive or negative temperatures is one of Equans' many areas of expertise. We are involved in commercial and industrial cooling, and we are the leader in France with 35% of the cooling market.

Our strength is in providing reliable, end-to-end solutions for fresh produce storage or for industrial warehouses.

The fluids used are selected in terms of operation, reliability and safety of the installation. We can design cascade cooling systemsaccording to the temperature requirements of our customers, and our work sites can produce any specific installation, particularly in the food and petrochemical industries. We use clean gases and can also upgrade existing equipment.

In addition to traditional maintenance, we offer predictive maintenance: thanks to the analysis technologies we are developing within Equans, we monitor the evolution of our clients' installations directly via sensors. Temperature, vibrations, leaks... our algorithm detects the defect and sends an alarm to our teams for urgent or planned intervention, which helps reduce general maintenance costs.

Our assets in cooling

Our clients

We work on commercial and industrial refrigeration, particularly in the following sectors

  • Food industry  

  • Petrochemicals, gas production  

  • Retail (shopping centres)  

  • Biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry  

  • Logistics  

  • Defence / Marine  

Fire Protection

Need a local partner for your fire installations, capable of providing you with the most complete solutions on the market?


Equans meets the challenges of fire safety for buildings, whether tertiary, industrial or commercial, and offers customised solutions in strict compliance with the standards required by insurers... We install, maintain and train, including for specific industrial risks. Our engineering enables us to develop supervision and information feedback modules for continuous remote monitoring and perfect site security.

Fire safety is a highly regulated and evolving field. Standards can change from one country to another, as can the requirements of insurance companies. Thanks to its international dimension, EQUANS is able to respond wherever its clients are located.

Our strength is that we are able to design, install and maintain the entire installation we have developed for them, based on the studies produced by our own fire engineering department. The expertise we also have in the areas of electricity and HVAC is another advantage in optimising our solutions on our clients' sites.

We are active in large retail outlets, casinos, office buildings, industrial sites, warehouses, railway stations, etc. Depending on the requirements and standard obligations, we design a customised architecture for the installation. Fire detection, mobile fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, sprinklers, water supply, supervision modules... are examples of what we can provide. 

Once we have commissioned the installation, we carry out maintenance: preventive and curative.

We are authorised to work on existing installations. As such, we check them and ensure their durability, and even bring them up to standard if necessary.

In the industrial field, we have expertise in specific risks linked, for example, to hydrocarbons, which require foam extinguishing systems, or in data centres, which secure fire outbreaks by instantaneous diffusion of inert gas.

Upstream of the risks, we also provide training for our clients on fire safety standards and processes, as well as training for first-level maintenance.

This makes our offer one of the most comprehensive on the market.


Our assets in fire protection

Our clients

Private and public buildings and offices, industrial building...

  • High-rise buildings

  • Airports  

  • Railway stations  

  • Shopping centres  

  • Hospitals and universities  

  • Cultural venues

  • Food and beverage industry 

  • Biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry  

  • Nuclear industry  

  • Defence/ Marine  

  • Data centres  

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