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Business Case - Digital for industry & buildings

EQUANS Digital: bringing digital into the heart of industry & buildings

EQUANS DIGITAL brings more than 1 B€ digital technology into the heart of the business and helps improve the overall performance (energy, technical issues, usage) of facilities.

To support digital transition, EQUANS DIGITAL can provide effective, innovative and scalable solutions for IT infrastructure, automation & robotics, hypervision or BIM management.

Soitec, France

We helped SOITEC (semi-conductor production) with their digital transformation and gradual implementation of Industry 4.0 through data mining.


EQUANS’ solutions

  • Automation: automatons + command-control system/supervision •
  • Data: 
    • A data warehouse for data consolidation
    • Indicators and dashboards
    • Data science to optimise certain processes via data mining
  • BIM/Digital Twin: integration of automation information and SOITEC’s data in a 3D BIM model for simulation purpose



5 to 7% gain in performance Costs cut by 12 to 15% (gas bill)


Police station in Australia

Victoria Police State Headquarters, Australia

Installation of AV and network cabling in new Victoria Police State Headquarters - the biggest of the south hemisphere - in 18 months.


EQUANS’ solutions

  • EQUANS delivered AV digital systems in the new Victoria Police State Headquarters
  • Full turnkey solution designed and delivered by EQUANS AV – contract won via partnership with Telstra
  • Critical response, control rooms, collaboration spaces
  • 39 levels with centrally controlled digital video and audio
  • Quality of delivery resulted in 5 years support contract and additional upgrade opportunities in other VP locations and electrical and fire services.
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