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Whether private or public, territorial decision-makers and planners play a major role in mobility, connection and communication between cities, at the level of municipalities, regions and countries.


Strengthening the relationship between territories and with metropolises has become increasingly important in a context of competition between different geographical entities. It is also a response to the growing demand of inhabitants or future residents.

The challenges are therefore to eliminate dead spots with 5G, to accelerate the provision of optical fiber, and to develop all forms of mobility, particularly denser and more electrified transport networks. The need to decarbonize human activity also requires local decision-makers to integrate more renewable energies in the construction of new energy transport networks and to promote autonomous electricity production through new uses and new cooperation. Equans is at their side every step of the way in all these areas.

Success on high voltage, Germany


Powerlines Energy Germany, a subsidiary of Equans' Powerlines Group, specializing in the electrification of rail and power transmission infrastructure, has won the contract to install a new 9.3 km section of 380 kV overhead line for the Ochsenkopf Attendorn project. Powerlines' teams will build the new section, which will comprise 220 km of conductor cables and 28 towers.

The project for the customer Amprion Gmbh is part of the overall installation of a 126 km power line section between Kruckel, near Dortmund in North Rhine-Westphalia and Dauersberg in the Rhineland-Palatinate region. The completed power line will increase the flexibility and efficiency of the German power grid and help integrate an increasing share of renewable energy.

High voltage

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