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Ethics & Compliance

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Equans is committed in all circumstances to act in accordance with the local laws and regulations in force in the countries where it operates, in accordance with the ethical principles of the Group. These ethical principles accompany us all on a daily basis: in the strategic decisions of our management, as well as in the various professional practices of our employees.

For Equans, ethics is an integral part of our strategy, management and professional practices. It is a vector of performance.  

For Equans, ethics is an integral part of its strategy, management and professional practices. It is a vector of performance.
Jérôme Stubler CEO of Equans

Equans' main ethics principles

A message of “zero tolerance” with respect to our ethical principles shortcomings and particularly any forms of fraud, corruption or cartel is regularly communicated by our top management including our CEO.

All managers at all levels of the Group convey the same message.

The two fundamental Ethics Policies are:

  • Ethics Charter: a reference source defining the framework of the Group's values and ethical commitments
  • Practical Ethics Guide: provides concrete examples of the application of the framework defined in the Charter.

All Group employees are required to read and comply with the Group's key ethical principles, which form part of the Equans Group Management System.

    Equans companies and employees must in all circumstances observe international, federal, national and local laws.

    Integrity is about avoiding all conflict between personal interests and the Group’s interests. It thereby creates a climate of trust and acts as a shield against corrupt practices.

    Group employees must be totally scrupulous in fulfilling their roles. Whenever they communicate within or outside the company, they do so constructively and in good faith with the intention of giving genuine, accurate and comprehensive information.

    This principle applies particularly to respect for the rights of individuals, for their dignity and for their differences, as well as respect for other cultures and equality of man and women. It also applies to tangible and intangible goods belonging to others. Any form of sexual harassment is not tolerated.

    These principles apply in all circumstances within the three main areas in which the Group conducts its business, being: 

    • Our Group - all employees, entities and subsidiaries, together with their shareholders
    • Market - customers, suppliers and competitors
    • Society - communities, local authorities, different cultures, and the environment.

    The principles are rooted in international conventions, in particular (but not limited to):

    • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Additional Protocols
    • The Standards of the International Labour Organisation
    • The Guidelines for Multinational Corporations laid down by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
    • The United Nations Convention against Corruption

    We built a strong Ethics, Compliance & Privacy (ECP) network that oversees the incorporation of ethics into the Group’s strategy, management and practices. It proposes ethics and compliance policies and procedures for the Group. It supports their implementation at all levels of the Group.

    This network is coordinated by the Ethics, Compliance & Privacy Department and the Group Ethics Officer.

    Since the beginning of EQUANS, the ECP network is effective across the entire Group:

    • More than 90 people in Ethics & Compliance
    • More than 50 people in Data Privacy

    Group alert system

    Equans benefits from a whistleblowing system available to its employees and stakeholders in order to provide easily accessible tools for everyone to report a situation that is inappropriate or does not comply with our principles or with applicable laws and regulations. This system complements the existing channels and strengthens the Group's Ethics, Compliance & Privacy approach. It offers everyone an easy, confidential and anonymous means of reporting, if necessary, and is committed to protecting whistleblowers.

    Protection of personal data

    Equans is committed to complying with regulations on the protection of personal data by applying the Group Policy on the Protection of Personal Data, which defines the objectives, means and governance for complying with regulations in this area.

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