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While the current geopolitical context brings to light the risk of gas and electricity shortages, energy producers are more than ever looking for solutions to optimise their performance and make energy savings.


As a partner to energy producers, Equans designs, builds, and maintains facilities to ensure their highest production levels.

Our teams participate in transforming, storing, recovering and valorising the energy produced, controlling the costs and risks related to the infrastructures, and ensuring the safety of people and installations. We guarantee continuity of service and facilities’ compliance with regulations (monitoring, discharges levels, environmental protection). We also help to renovate and improve each existing infrastructure, then oversees later decommissioning and preparation of  its dismantling.

Business case

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Biomass replaces gas at wood-fired power plant


You have needs?

Whether you are a player in industry, the service sector or cities and regions, Equans supports your transitions by mobilising its expertises to meet your performance needs.