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Business Case - High voltage

EQUANS, an expert in high voltage installations

EQUANS covers the entire electrical engineering spectrum, with integrated design, construction and maintenance solutions.

We offer innovative solutions that already meet future decarbonisation, support renewable growth and performance needs.

Construction of a high voltage substation for Ailes Marines, Belgium

The future Ailes Marines electrical substation for the offshore Saint-Brieuc wind farm (62 turbines) is being built on the banks of the river Scheldt, in Hoboken, District of Antwerp. The topside – an enormous modular construction measuring 53.55 m long, 31 m wide, and 21.5 m high (which will weigh 3,400 tons when completed) – has been built by EQUANS, in association with Eiffage.


High voltage substation in Belgium
Ringo project, energy storage

RINGO experiment, France

Located in Toulouse and Marseille, SCLE SFE (EQUANS group) is a high-tech company specialized in high-voltage networks that develops innovative and sustainable solutions for the energy and rail industries.

SCLE SFE designs protection relays and creates systems that automate transformer stations, with high availability requirements. It develops SIL 4 safety signalling equipment that contributes to the safety of rail and urban transport networks, in compliance with normative constraints. SCLE SFE also imagines new solutions for the electrical networks of the future: energy management systems, electricity storage, system services, micro-grids.

SCLE-SFE is participating in the RINGO experiment, developed by RTE: on 3 sites, the aim is to store the surplus of renewable energy produced, thanks to specific batteries, in order to avoid losing it, and to simultaneously destock it elsewhere where it is needed. The SCLE - SFE teams are responsible for the design, supply, testing and commissioning of the electrical components, the power conversion system, the ESS (Energy Storage System) control system and the high-voltage substation that supplies it.

Start of the experiment: June 2022.

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