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Intelligent buildings are the key to energy efficiency. Thanks to its climate and digital expertise, Equans is contributing to their development.


Used to designate a connected, intelligent and efficient building, the "smart building" integrates multiple digital functionalities to improve energy efficiency, air quality, thermal comfort and security.

Equans, as a solutions integrator, has an overall intelligence of the smart building which allows it to intervene in electrical and climatic engineering, building protection, IT and telecommunications, but also in the provision of digital solutions to capture and process data in order to optimise all the components of a building and ensure the flexibility of spaces and their use.  Our teams are involved at all stages of a building's life - from design to construction and maintenance - whether it is a commercial building or a hospital building. In particular, the

Equans Digital network, at the heart of smart buildings, integrates digital technologies as a performance lever. Equans Digital has 6,000 experts in 17 countries. This operational strength enables us to offer our expertise in a wide range of fields: custom integration - at the heart of buildings - of the entire value chain from control to information systems; hypervision, cybersecurity, interior comfort, workplace management, BIM to manage a building thanks to its digital twin, etc.

Equans Digital also makes it possible to use all the potential of data to optimise the operation of the building (BOS - Building Operating System - approach), but also to achieve its energy and environmental efficiency objectives.

Discover one of our projects for smart buildings

The first 100% electric hospital, Netherlands


Industrial sites

Improving site performance is one of the major concerns of manufacturers.

Equans supports them by offering them: 

  • Audits
    • Adjustment solutions
    • Installation solutions
  • Solutions to comply with current environmental regulations and to ensure the safety of teams and processes
  • Autonomous energy production to cope with cost volatility.


As it is for our tertiary clients, Equans Digital is also a partner of our industrial clients concerning:

  • The digitalisation of their production processes
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance solutions for their sites to reduce costs All this while guaranteeing continuity of service.

A Siemens Gamesa offshore wind turbine factory in Le Havre, France


Equans France was involved in the construction of industrial and service buildings for a Siemens Gamesa renewable energy plant. This 22 hectare facility is the first in the world to manufacture all the main components of an offshore wind turbine on a single site.

In this project, Equans carried out :

  • The high and low current lots - Fire protection with sprinkler systems
  • Production and distribution of gas, hot and cold water, compressed air
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Room humidification
  • Dust removal by centralized exhaust system
  • Sanitary plumbing for the equipment of tertiary premises
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)

A project that demonstrates Equans' commitment to assisting its clients in a carbon-neutral transition by participating in the creation of a new generation of energy infrastructures that are less energy-intensive and more secure.

Offshore wind power and energy farm with many wind turbines on the ocean

You have needs?

Whether you are a player in industry, the service sector or cities and regions, Equans supports your transitions by mobilising its expertises to meet your performance needs.