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Microelectronics and new technologies

The microelectronics sector is playing an increasingly strategic role. Its players are working on miniaturising chips to consume as little energy as possible.


Machine and vehicle manufacturers are major consumers of increasingly powerful computing and storage chips.

Equans has been active in the microelectronics industry since its inception, in Europe and the USA, building factories, clean rooms and ensuring their inertion. We are constantly refining our industrial solutions, making them more efficient and faster to implement. Our goal is to help production sites achieve their zero carbon objectives.

ASML is a leader in the semiconductor industry.


The company provides microprocessor manufacturers with the tools and services to produce the highest performance micro circuits through its lithography technology. Equans has developed an important activity in clean rooms for ASML in the past few years. Last year, Equans, Heijmans, Strukton Worksphere and Antea Group launched a 5 years partnership with ASML for the integrated maintenance and management of most of the manufacturer’s Dutch facilities. This group, named the Maintenance House, is the joint maintenance team of ASML.

Selective focus of worker doing looking microscope checking each die wafers on printed circuit boards from the production line.simeconductor.

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