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The increase in the amount of data processed and stored requires the rapid construction of secure, cyber-protected, and energy-efficient facilities.


With its combined expertise in electrical, thermal and digital engineering, Equans can meet these requirements. Equans covers the entire value chain of data center renovation, expansion and construction projects.

The Group's expertise and capabilities cover the 7 main challenges of data centers:

  1. Infrastructure design and rapid construction (engineering, programming, implementation, project management, commissioning, etc.)
  2. Infrastructure reliability (clean rooms, international standards, fire protection, access security, etc.)
  3. Environmental control (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, etc.)
  4. Energy efficiency,
  5. Heat recovery,
  6. Reduction of environmental impact (aiming at carbon neutrality),
  7. Electrical connection (HV substations, PV panels, etc),
  8. Maintenance of the installations.
Business case

Discover one of our projects for data centers

New sustainable cooling system for Interxion, Amsterdam


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Whether you are a player in industry, the service sector or cities and regions, Equans supports your transitions by mobilising its expertises to meet your performance needs.