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Food manufacturers must limit their energy consumption and guarantee the cold chain.


Equans' teams help them reduce the carbon footprint associated with their refrigeration equipment (switching to natural refrigerants), produce their own energy (photovoltaics), optimize their single or multi-site energy performance, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Our clients also need to ensure their distributions sites present a high level of appeal, so we offer them solutions to optimise indoor air quality, sound insulation, temperature management, fire safety pollution reduction, as well as connectivity. We equip their parking spaces also with charging stations for electric vehicles for the benefit of their employees and customers.

Equans Kältechnik develops high-performance cooling- and heatpump solutions, Austria

The meat and sausage producer Greisinger GmbH has doubled the size of its plant in Münzbach / Upper Austria in accordance with the latest hygiene standards of the food industry. Equans Kältechnik subsidiary in Wels engineered, delivered and will service the high-performance 6.0MW cooling system for the multi-storey production and cooling rooms as well as for a large logistics centre. In order to ensure highest energy efficiency and environmental sustainability the natural refrigerants NH3 and CO2 were used. The year-long contract (September 2021 - August 2022) is one of the largest in the history of refrigeration plant construction.

Greisinger GmbH

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