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Digital & ICT

Our solutions to support your digital transition

EQUANS integrates digital technology into the heart of your business and contributes to increasing the overall performance (energy, technical, usage) of your facilities.


To support your digital transition, EQUANS puts its experts at your service to offer you effective, innovative and scalable solutions.

Today, the production of data, its structuring and use for performance have become key factors in the development of companies. EQUANS analyses your needs, the possible areas for improvement and integrates the best equipment and software into your processes, for a tailor-made offer to increase your performance.

EQUANS relies on a network of digital entities based on 8 key areas of expertise:

  • 5 standard expertises, corresponding to essential digital services; 
  • cyber expertise, enabling these essential services to be secured;
  • a capacity to enhance and exploit the data produced, through expertise in data management and application development.
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Our 5 standard expertises:

Telecommunication networks & connectivity services

When it comes to telecommunication networks, EQUANS experts guarantee flexible networks that prepare your organisations for the challenges of tomorrow (fibre optics, WAN development, antenna sites, transceiver stations, Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint connections, etc.).


Video and audiovisual services

EQUANS has extensive experience in the installation & operation of video (cameras, supervision) and audiovisual equipment. We also support our clients in the design of their systems, in multi-system integration, and in the exploitation of the data produced (image recognition by AI).

Automation services

Our teams work with the best suppliers of automation equipment and software, whether for the control of technical installations (building management services) or for process installations in the industrial world (SCADA, industrial IT). We start from our customers' needs to design the most suitable automation system, then we configure and program the associated equipment and software to improve the performance of their technical installations or processes.


Robotic integration

Working in partnership with equipment manufacturers, we deploy standard offers for business processes (e.g. packaging for the logistics sector). In the industrial world, we help our customers to develop customised solutions adapted to their processes.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) services

Our teams integrate new technologies and methods for BIM design, construction and operation for our clients. This reduces time, costs and improves the reliability of these processes.

Once the buildings are built, the BIM data constitutes a source of value that we exploit with our clients through targeted solutions (flow simulations, indoor air quality simulations, asset monitoring).

Our cyber, data and application expertise:

Cyber services

Our cyber experts are networked throughout our digital entities to ensure that all of the digital solutions we deploy meet the highest cyber standards.

Data management & interoperability services

We support our clients in the implementation of data platforms and interoperability services through APIs (Application Programming Interface). This allows them to more easily appropriate all the data from one or more sites, facilitates monitoring, benchmarking, reporting needs (to their customers, suppliers, or regulatory authorities), and ultimately contributes to a better performance of their facilities.


Application solutions

We pay great attention to the user interfaces that we deploy for our clients. To this end, we integrate the best application solutions on the market, in conjunction with our publisher partners. When existing application solutions are not adapted to our clients' needs, we have the capacity to develop our own solutions (e.g. NAVINEO operating and traveller information system).

Example of application in the field of Smart Building

With EQUANS solutions, you can monitor and optimise the technical management of your building or property by having an evolving data repository. We provide you with decision-making tools (space redevelopment, energy performance, major maintenance and renewal, etc.), and we match usage with building management according to its occupancy (heating, air conditioning, lighting, etc.). The occupants benefit from the building services that you assign (technical intervention request, comfort management, space reservation, etc.). And you can simulate several optimisation parameters such as the management of people flows, the installation of equipment, the reuse of materials, etc.).

Our achievements


You have needs?

Whether you are a player in industry, the service sector or cities and regions, EQUANS supports your digital transition by mobilising its 8 areas of expertise to meet your performance needs.