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Business Case - Nuclear

Equans: an expert in nuclear

Equans is one of the few players in the nuclear industry to offer multi-technical maintenance services for its clients' processes, while committing to the performance of these processes.

Flamanville 3 EPR (EDF), France - Nuclear HVAC

Within the framework of the construction of the Flamanville power plant (first Generation III+ reactor), Axima Nucléaire oversees:

  • Ventilation and air conditioning of almost all the buildings of the power plant. 
  • Engineering, supply, installation and commissioning of ventilation systems.
  • Qualification of classified equipment for accident conditions.

Completion: 2007-2023


Nuclear hvac installation

Hinkley Point EPR plant (EDF), United Kingdom - Electrical engineering and radioprotection

Ineo Nucléaire is participating in the construction of a new nuclear power plant representing 7% of electricity demand.

  • Execution studies, qualification studies of classified equipment, 3D model, production of TQC plans, supervision of the installation on site, integration of the studies of the low current and fire and hydrogen detection lots.
  • Radiation protection: Execution and performance studies, specifications, supply and supervision of the installation.

Some figures: 300 measurement chains and 100 buildings to be studied.

Start of implementation: 2018

Management of a global maintenance contract with commitment to performance, Tricastin and Malvesi sites (ORANO), France.

INEO Nucléaire is piloting a global maintenance contract with a commitment to performance for ORANO's Tricastin and Malvési industrial platforms, that supply 20% of the world's enriched uranium, an essential component of fuel for nuclear power plants. Ineo Nucléaire brings its know-how as a multi-trade integrator, supported by the HVAC expertise of Axima Nucléaire and other industrial partners:

  • Multi-trade expertise (electrical, mechanical, HVAC, sanitation, radiation protection, scaffolding and insulation, etc.) across the entire value chain (engineering, process, methods, purchasing, maintenance and works, obsolescence management, etc.).   
  • Carrying out technical shutdowns, from planning to the radiological restoration of installations.
  • To optimise the performance of equipment:
    • Global contract management.
    • Commitment to plant performance with a process of continuous improvement and and operational excellence.
nuclear maintenance

Bending and piping, Doel 1 and 2, Tihange 2 (Electrabel), Belgium.

Equans Belgium performed piping and bending works on primary and secondary circuits during the replacement of steam generators.

  • Design & sizing of a decontamination loop to allow the replacement of primary components for ENGIE Electrabel's nuclear power plant.
  • Sealing, storage & transport.
  • Realization of the operational procedures for the whole process.
  • FAT & SAT on a mock-up 
  • Operational implementation during the power plant shutdown.

Transport of high-level waste with specially designed vehicles (ONDRAS/ NIRAS), Belgium.

Transport of high-level waste with specially designed vehicles (ONDRAS/ NIRAS), Belgium.

  • Monitoring of the entire manufacturing process.
  • FAT & SAT (4 different nuclear sites). 
  • Transport of waste from producer to manager.

10-year contract, including 10 transports per year.

vehicles nuclear waste
Worker in a nuclear plant

Modernisation work at the Borselee power plant (EPZ), the Netherlands.

Equans Netherlands has accompanied its client EPZ through projects concerning the replacement of preheaters, conventional cooling water supply valves and unit transformers. Also, in collaboration with engineering companies, Equans has successfully executed "design and build" projects such as the connection of a fuel pool cooling pump, modification of the spent fuel cooling system, new emergency cooling water pipes and unbundling of the NPP-CPP utilities.

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