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In order to make their territories attractive and competitive, local actors are seeking to promote the resilience of their territory to climate change. Local politicians have four main priorities for the city of today and tomorrow.


This city must be : 

  • sober: it must reduce and control its energy consumption and CO2 emissions,
  • green: decarbonise uses and equipment, produce renewable energy,
  • fluid: it must be possible to move around quickly, easily and without nuisance,
  • quiet and safe for the comfort of its citizens.

All of this in a context where the budgets of local authorities tend to decrease while needs increase.


As a multi-technical partner, Equans helps its clients to consume less, consume green and consume flexibly

  • By improving the energy performance of buildings (administration, schools, preserved heritage, modular surfaces),
  • By connecting collective housing to the urban heating network,
  • By contributing to the fluidity and electrification of mobility (parking, charging stations for electric vehicles), - In the optimised and intelligent management of public lighting,
  • In the development of public spaces through greening solutions,
  • Improving the peace of mind of residents through CCTV (Closed-Circuit TeleVision).


Finally, the Equans Digital network brings its expertise and experience to local authorities as part of their digital transition. And this on 3 levels: 

  • connectivity, with a capacity to install FTTH (Fiber to The Home) outlets,
  • the digitalisation of transport,
  • data capture and exploitation.

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