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Equans: committed to help territories in their transitions

Angers Loire Métropole: France's first "intelligent territory"

Since 2020, teams from ENGIE, Equans, SUEZ, La Poste and the VYV Group have been working together to develop innovative solutions in close consultation with the local authority, its partners, local businesses and citizens. The objectives of Angers Loire Métropole, the first "intelligent territory" in France, are ambitious, since the installation of sensors and renovations should make it possible to achieve :

  • 66% energy savings on public lighting by 2025,
  • a 20% reduction in the energy consumption of the city's buildings,
  • Smoother and easier traffic flow,
  • 30% reduction in water consumption for public watering.
Angers city
Liege, belgium

The Rives Ardentes eco-district in Liège, Belgium

Equans is participating in the design and construction of Neo-Legia's Rives Ardentes eco-district in the heart of the city of Liège. The production of energy for domestic hot water and heating, in particular, will be of the circular type. The heating network that supplies the buildings on the Rives Ardentes site recovers the energy produced by the City of Liege's incinerator. 

Visualisation system for the new mobility centre in Brussels, Belgium

Inaugurated in autumn 2021, the Brussels Mobility Center aims to improve the safety and fluidity of Brussels traffic. The STIB and Brussels Mobility have chosen to bring their teams together there. Equans, a specialist in the design and integration of audiovisual and multimedia solutions, participated in the installation of this control centre.

Brussels by night
Flevoland, Netherlands

1 GW green energy hub in the Netherlands

The province of Flevoland, north-east of Amsterdam, announced the Renewable Energy Hub Flevoland (REF) project in May 2022. The aim is to provide the region with 1 gigawatt of sustainable energy by 2030.

Carried out by EQUANS and 6 partners, the hub will combine wind and solar energy production with hydrogen production, connected within a smart grid. Its main features:

  • 90,000 solar panels,
  • 37 wind turbines,
  • 1 x 12 MW Giga Storage battery,
  • production equivalent to the annual consumption of 160,000 households.

19 eco-friendly homes in the UK

In 2021, EQUANS completed the Primrose Bank project in Oldham (Greater Manchester) for Oldham Council: 19 eco-friendly and affordable homes for local families. In particular, each property has a dedicated Wi-Fi unit that monitors energy consumption and controls supply at source to ensure the most efficient use of renewable and stored energy (the houses are equipped with photovoltaic panels and battery storage).

Primrose, UK
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