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About Equans

Our history

We are a young brand with 200 years of experience!

Equans has more than 80 local brands in 20 countries, each with its own history and excellence:

  • In 1834, the Sulzer brothers founded their mechanical engineering, cast iron production and heating installation company in Switzerland. Almost two centuries later, after various waves of development, it has become Caliqua, an Equans entity. Sulzer's Austrian subsidiary, founded in Vienna in 1959, became Equans Kältetechnik.

  • Axima, the leader in HVAC in France today, has its origins in the company RINEAU, which was created in 1861 as a manufacturer and supplier to the State, the Navy and the Railways.
  • In 1906, the company L'Energie Industrielle, a private electricity distributor, was created, still in France, and expanded during the interwar period. Ineo, a leader in electrical expertise within the Equans group, is its descendant.
  • In the USA, Systecon is today a leading company in the production of prefabricated HVAC solutions for industry. It was founded in 1949.
  • Cowley Services, the future leader in refrigeration and HVAC services in New Zealand, was founded in 1956 and later became part of ENGIE and the Equans Group.
  • In Belgium, Compagnie Générale de Chauffe, , created in 1963, joined Axima in 2009 and then became Equans Belux.
  • In the United Kingdom, where Equans UK & Ireland now employs 13,000 people, it all began in 1978 with the founding of Heatsave Ltd, a structure dedicated to managing the heating of corporate sites.
  • In Chile, IMA joined the group in 2015, that would become Equans LATAM, but the service company was born in 1982, to offer its solutions in the mining, energy and industrial sectors.
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These bits of history all have one thing in common: we have always been there to help communities and companies make progress in historic transitions; we have created and implemented the most innovative technologies.

And today, as in the past, we are determined and proud to help our customers do the same, in their energy, industrial and digital transitions.