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EQUANS supports the 3 transitions for the data centers

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EQUANS covers the entire value chain of data center refurbishment, extension or construction projects. The group's expertise and capabilities cover the 7 main challenges of data centers :

1. infrastructure design and rapid construction (engineering, programming, realization, project management, commissioning, etc.),

2. infrastructure reliability (clean rooms, international standards, fire protection, access security, etc.),

3. environmental control (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, etc.),

4. energy efficiency,

5. heat recovery and use,

6. reduction of environmental impact (aiming for carbon neutrality),

7. power connection (HV substations, PV panels, etc),

8. maintenance of installations.

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Digital transition: state-of-the-art solutions

EQUANS' exceptional capabilities in the design, construction and management of data center projects have enabled it to make a positive contribution to the digital transition and modernisation of companies, public institutions and local authorities in all the countries where it operates. Depending on the need, the latest and most demanding technological solutions and standards can be implemented and managed.

Energy transition: an eco-responsible approach

EQUANS can implement solutions for recovering waste heat from buildings to heat other facilities located nearby (housing, offices, shopping centers, drying rooms, etc.). For local authorities, this type of solution therefore offers real opportunities , to heat a public swimming pool or a school, for example. EQUANS has the capacity to install local electricity production solutions (power stations), possibly based on eco-responsible energy sources (gas, fuel cells, renewable energy, etc.). For example, the Agility Center in Belgium is powered by 2,000 solar panels that cover 20% of the site's energy needs, thus reducing CO2 emissions by nearly 388 tons per year. And with a guaranteed availability of 99.982%.


Quote from Bram Fransen

“The EQUANS teams have developed and executed methods and tools that are well suited to retrofitting old data centers, i.e. bringing them into line with the best energy performance standards. In general, EQUANS is able to integrate technology standards that improve the energy efficiency and carbon footprint of an old or new data center.”
Bram Fransen Managing Director EQUANS, West NL and responsable of EQUANS‘ Data centers Business club


Industrial transition: supporting economic players

By designing, building and managing high-performance data centers, EQUANS supports the industrial transition in many European countries such as Austria, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland. EQUANS is also present in Australia, the United States, Canada, Colombia, Chile and Peru.

Our realizations in France

Construction of a data centre for the CERN

In 2022, EQUANS launched the construction of the new data center for the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research). Installed on the campus, the 6,400 m2 project will take place in three phases: from 4 MW in 2023 to 12 MW in 2033. Its excellent PUE is less than 1.15.EQUANS has also delivered data centers in Switzerland and Austria.

Our realizations in Netherlands

A building measuring 565 x 45 meters

For a big tech company, EQUANS is the operator of an a Hyperscale data center of exceptional size: over 25,000 m2. This includes FM services, hard maintenance, NOC services or 24/7 shift operations.


A data center for the University of Leiden

EQUANS is renovating the data center of the University of Leiden, and building a new building to increase the surface area and capacity of its facilities. Newer technology will be installed, that will lower the DC’s PUE.

Our realizations in Belgium

General contractor of a new DC near Brussels

EQUANS is the general contractor of a new DC near Brussels (20 MW) and will start another project for the same client next year.

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