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EQUANS Digital

A brand for a network of 6,000 experts

We integrate digital technologies as a lever for your performance


Empowering Transitions

Because performance results from the encounter between information and action, the EQUANS Digital Network integrates solutions that generates efficiency and quality for customers processes and assets.

Our entities, ICT & Digital specialist,  gather 6 000 experts into 17 countries. Through many projects we have made in the heart of our customers business processes, we acquired deep knowledge about their activities and their installations.

Daily, our EQUANS Digital Teams:

  • Analyze your needs
  • Identify potential fields of improvement
  • Design, build and integrate tailor-made solutions
  • Cybersecure and maintain your systems over time

8 key domains of expertise

From row data production to their valorization

EQUANS Digital levers

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EQUANS Digital at world level

ICT and Digital specialist

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