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Biomass replaces gas at wood-fired power plant

Biomass is another sustainable source that generates power from the decomposition of organic matter. Biomass is often used in combined heat and power plants to produce both heat and electricity and is growing rapidly, especially in regions without well-developed gas distribution networks. The IEA predicts a dramatic 25-fold increase in bioenergy use by 2027.

Jérôme Stubler, CEO of Equans
“ By digging a metre or two underground, we have a temperature that corresponds to the average winter temperature. This allows us - and other countries like the Netherlands are doing this on a large scale - to easily store energy in the ground near buildings. In France, we can store excess summer heat in the ground near buildings in 60% of the country. This allows us to reduce electricity consumption by a factor of 5 to 6, and in some cases up to 10. ”
Jérôme Stubler CEO of Equans
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