Sustainable Energy Solutions: Equans' Solutions for a Greener Future

Tracking the rise of sustainable energy solutions

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Technology is evolving extremely rapidly. Photovoltaic projects have become the most proficient sources of solar energy generation, and the challenges they once faced are quickly becoming opportunities for greater efficiency. Intermittency stemming from solar energy's dependence on sunlight, is being offset by advanced battery energy storage solutions (BESS). These systems capture excess energy during sunlight hours for later use, ensuring a consistent power supply. This not only stabilises the solar energy output but also increases the resilience of the grid. Floating solar farms are answering to the challenge of site availability by making use of un- or underexploited land, reducing water evaporation, and benefiting from a cooling effect that can increase module efficiency. Digitalisation and smart grid technologies address connectivity issues, ensuring more efficient distribution of generated solar energy, even in remote installations. AI-powered AgriPV systems are gaining traction, as a win-win integration of agriculture and solar energy, enabling dual land use for agriculture and energy production.

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