Equans at VivaTech 2023

From 14 to 17 June, we were at VivaTech for the first time. Here's a look back at 4 days packed with innovation.
Empowering Transitions

Equans, a global leader in the energy and services sector, recently participated in VivaTech 2023, Europe's largest technology innovation fair.

The event offered Equans an exceptional platform to showcase its technical expertise and establish strategic partnerships with other major players in the industry.
With this first participation in VivaTech 2023, Equans has taken a major step forward by signing a strategic partnership with Valeo. This collaboration between Equans and Valeo will create synergies that will strengthen their offering and market position. Together, these two industry leaders will be able to meet today's energy and technology challenges and develop even more efficient and sustainable solutions for their customers.

Equans at VivaTech

Proposing innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers

Meet all the Equans speakers and find out more about our solutions to help our customers achieve their transitions.

Day 2

Geothermal energy, electric mobiity, hydrogen & energy storage...

Day 4

Recruitment challenges, career transition program...

Day 1

Repurposing of construction materials, partnership between Valeo and Equans...