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First day @ VivaTech 2023

From 14 to 17 June, we were at VivaTech for the first time. Here's a look back at 4 days packed with innovation.
Samuel Delacroix - Equans - Manager Project Management

Theme: Repurposing of construction materials: How to speed this up?

In the pursuit of a sustainable economy, the circular economy stands as the sole compatible model, particularly within the construction sector. What novel practices are currently facilitating the reuse of materials, promoting sustainability?

Sarah Sassier - Equans - Carbon Strategy Manager

Theme: Repurposing of construction materials: How to speed this up?

Like any other industry, the construction sector must embrace the circular economy as the sole compatible model for achieving sustainability. In this regard, what innovative practices have emerged to facilitate the reuse of materials, specifically within the construction sector?

Thomas Jung - Equans - EVP in charge of Operational Excellence, Innovation and Procurement

Valeo & Equans partnership

On June 14, 2023, at VivaTech 2023 in Paris, Valeo, world leader in mobility solutions, and Equans, world leader in the energy and services sector, signed a partnership to work together to prepare an intelligent, safe and low-carbon city of the future. At a time when cities must transform to meet major challenges such as global warming, demographics and traffic density, Equans is working with local authorities in Europe and North America to design, install and maintain intelligent energy, transport and communication infrastructures.

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