Annabelle Eggerling – Equans - HR Manager of the IT Department

Theme: Insights from Annabelle Eggerling: Exploring the IT Field at Equans and its Recruitment Challenges

Annabelle Eggerling, HR Manager of the IT Department at Equans, presents the specificities of the company's IT division, the current recruitment challenges, and the future careers in the field. She emphasizes the organization through Shared Service Lines, the search for passionate technical profiles, and the promotion of diversity.

Claire Schnoering – Equans - HR Development Director

Theme: Equans: Building a Sustainable Future through Passion and Excellence

With values such as responsibility, respect, teamwork, and service, Equans distinguishes itself through its commitment to its clients and collaborators. Offering diverse training and career opportunities, we prioritize individual growth and well-being within our teams. Joining Equans means giving meaning to your career, being part of a passionate community, and contributing to sustainable solutions for a resilient future.

• Jessica Quaranta - Equans - Head of Human Resources

Theme: Introducing Electra, a Career Transition Program for Success

Electra is a new 100% women-oriented training program designed for women transitioning into new careers. Electra provides them with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in this field.

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