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Accelerate the transformation of your production sites thanks to 5G with Equans

5G will be a key tool in Industry 4.0. Equans Digital can support its industrial clients to take advantage of all the benefits offered by the 5th-generation mobile network.

The deployment of the latest mobile technology will accelerate the transition to Industry 4.0. It offers an alternative to current 4G LTE or Wi-Fi, with interesting prospects in terms of bandwidth, latency, and service quality, and therefore new possibilities for use. 5G will thus facilitate and accelerate the potential of real-time man-to-machine/machine-to-machine communication, robotics, connected sensors, digital models and digital twins, IoT (Internet of Things) and telecontrol as well as hypervision. Combined, these processes create a promising prospect: the smart factory based on a network of interconnected sensors that allows for automated and optimised control of a robotic production line.

 Factory 4.0 will not only be more efficient. Its greater connectivity will allow for optimisation of energy consumption and flow management, and therefore its overall environmental impact. What's more, a 5G network inherently consumes much less power than older technology: up to 90% less than 4G, according to operators. 

Taking advantage of these benefits now means building a private 5G network on site. France’s Electronic Communications Regulatory Authority Arcep has authorised the testing of several 5G networks, and major industrial groups such as Arcelor Mittal have initiated experimental projects ("5G Steel"). 

As an integrator of Industry 4.0 solutions, Equans Digital can support future industrial sites with this new connectivity. 

Equans has solid expertise in telecoms equipment for companies and infrastructure: the group is a leader in Europe in the link between the physical, electrical and digital layers. As an "agnostic" solution integrator, Equans Digital can suggest relevant use cases exploiting new connectivity models via 5G thanks to its in-depth knowledge of industrial processes. With this in mind, the organisation is preparing to upgrade its Industry 4.0 Lab in Montargis (France) to include 5G. 

Equans is part of the Bouygues Group, which also has operator capacity through Bouygues Telecom, a key 5G player in France, with which Equans could combine forces. 

Did you know? 

5G is the fifth generation of mobile communication technology. It is more than just an improvement on 4G and 4G+: it has much greater bandwidth, 10 to 100 times greater speeds (over 1GB/s), extremely low latency (the time between the request to the network and the response from the network, which could be as low as 1 millisecond), the ability to connect more devices (and even driverless vehicles), and the ability to "slice" the network for specific uses. 5G uses the frequency of 4G, plus two additional frequency band groups.

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