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Our goal at Equans is to support you throughout the life cycle of your projects towards the energy optimisation of your buildings within the framework of efficient design and operation, or comprehensive modernisation and renovation. Mastery of costs and risks, flexibility of spaces and uses, energy efficiency of buildings, high-performance connectivity, air quality and well-being of occupants, Equans is your multi-technical partner that enables the design, equipment, and maintenance of buildings while reducing their carbon footprint.

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A engineer under checking the industry cooling tower air conditioner is water cooling tower air chiller HVAC of large industrial building to control air


Improving the overall performance of sites is one of the major concerns of industrialists. Equans supports you in designing, building, and maintaining your industrial production tool, optimising the market launch of products, and facilitating the transition to carbon neutrality. Predictive maintenance solutions, digital data management, industrial process performance, robotics and mechanics, we provide turnkey solutions in compliance with current regulations.


In an era where everything operates in networks, territorial actors face systemic challenges of unprecedented scale. To make your city safer and more attractive, to improve the health and well-being of citizens, to connect them and to facilitate mobility, while saving energy, such as in public lighting for example, Equans is your partner.

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Through its local network, Equans is close to cities and regions to meet their specific needs for mobility, telecommunications, digitalisation, increasingly sober production and distribution of energy, and electrification of transport.

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