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Smart buildings

EQUANS: smart, low-carbon developer

Aire Nouvelle, EQUANS France's low-carbon real estate development subsidiary, provides its partners with the Group's expertise to shape, design and give credibility to all the environmental aspects of a project to be designed and built. It systematically takes into account the building's energy mix, the mobility of users and goods, biodiversity and construction materials.

Together with its partners, developers and project managers, Aire Nouvelle seeks the best possible integration of a building into the urban planning: Aire Nouvelle studies the energy environment, the integration into the overall mobility scheme and the biodiversity of the site, so that the architectural project is optimised within a low-carbon city. Aire Nouvelle's experts, supported by the Group's Innovation Labs team, study the potential offered by each site, with a particular focus on the issues of the multi-energy Smart Grid, local renewable energy production methods, mobility and biodiversity.

Aire Nouvelle's strength is based on EQUANS France's expertise across the entire spectrum of technical work packages: innovation, design, engineering, construction, maintenance, operation, financing, etc., right up to the desire to guarantee the building's energy and carbon performance over time.

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