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The nuclear industry demands all the features of an industrial site,  plus extremely high levels of safety and availability.


Equans meets these requirements at various levels: by controlling the ventilation and air conditioning networks; by providing electrical engineering services to ensure on-site electrical distribution, and thus guarantee continuity and quality of service; Equans also offers instrumentation and control tools to make processes more reliable and offers site protection, radiation protection, and supervision devices for curative, preventive and predictive maintenance.

Equans can also be involved in nuclear logistics and participate in the dismantling and decontamination of facilities. Finally, we offer multi-technology integration and the implementation of innovative technological solutions that will contribute to the nuclear industry of tomorrow.

Equans can provide all of these services, including long-term projects, thanks to the diverse expertise and the multiple skills of our technicians and engineers (safety officers, electricians, data analysts, radiation protection officers, etc.). This expertise also enables us to offer our customers dedicated training in nuclear safety and to develop a consulting activity.

Ineo Nucléaire oversees a comprehensive maintenance contract for Orano, France

With the added backing of the Equans Group, subsidiary Ineo Nucléaire has renewed its contract – with a performance commitment – for Orano’s Tricastin and Malvési industrial platforms, which provide 20% of the world’s enriched uranium, a vital component in the fuel used in nuclear plants.

Ineo Nucléaire is lending its know-how as a multitrade integrator and calling on Group partners such as Axima Nucléaire and others (electrical and mechanical engineering, HVAC, decontamination, radiation protection, scaffolding, insulation, etc.).The objective across the value chain (engineering, processes, methods, purchasing, maintenance and works, obsolescence management, etc.) is to optimize performance through continuous improvement and operational excellence.


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