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EQUANS’ role in the transport sector

EQUANS is an international player in two major fields: transport infrastructure and passenger experience.

Digital transition

For the first field, EQUANS designs, installs, and commissions a set of technical, technological, and digital solutions, building a solid foundation for performance on lines in operation.

Combining energy components and transport systems, EQUANS installs electrical infrastructure (catenaries and substations), as well as developing and digitalising communication and safety systems to deliver cleaner, higher-performance transport services.

Regarding passenger experience, EQUANS designs, develops and supplies equipment and software to streamline operations, enhance passenger information systems and improve accessibility and comfort on public transport. To achieve this, vehicles are equipped with high-level broadband routers to boost onboard connectivity.

EQUANS makes a difference in both major fields in its role as integrator. Specialising in systems integration, EQUANS fully understands all the complex components in a network and how they interact.

Bringing together 2700 public transport experts (rail and road), EQUANS’ decentralised organisation enables its teams to carry out operations throughout the world, generating a turnover of €622 million in 2020 in the transport sector. Its transport activities are divided equally between four geographical areas: 25% in France, 25% in Germany, 25% in the United Kingdom and 25% in the rest of the world.

What is EQUANS’ greatest strength in the transport sector? First, our very wide range of expertise and activities. And also, our agility and appetite for innovation, which means that we can step in to solve all kinds of issues, on all kinds of sites, with all kinds of partners.
Emmanuelle Brisemur CEO Transport at EQUANS
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