Predictive and explicable machine learning

One pivotal way in which we harness the power of AI for our decarbonisation efforts and the fight against climate change is by feeding historical data related to energy consumption and production processes into said predictive AI models.

Withstanding predictive models, Equans has also empowered teams with the embrace of explicable machine learning to identify and confirm various hypotheses related to the reduction of carbon emissions.

The result?

The generative ability to empower our organization as a whole to make more informed real-time decisions, and develop proactive strategies to reduce our and our clients’ carbon footprint.

Big data analysed with AI technology for business analytics. Getting insights from data mining, filtering, sorting, clustering. Data scientist working


Artificial Intelligence is at the service of the decision-making intelligence that is omnipresent in all of our businesses. By analyzing and leveraging your data, we imagine with you, and we design and implement solutions to support the evolution of your business.

Ultimately, through Equans Digital and our team at the Data Science Skill Center, we’re able to implement algorithmic solutions to bring our customers high-added value while also benefiting the larger strategy at play; decarbonisation.

Equans' innovative utilization of AI in its decarbonization strategy underscores the transformative potential of technology in the fight against climate change and has fortified its commitment to sustainability with data-driven insights and actionable solutions.

As the world grapples with the challenges of environmental conservation, Equans stands as a testament to how AI can be leveraged to not only enhance business operations but also champion the cause of a greener, more sustainable future.

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