Lighting the way towards a green hydrogen energy future

"My friends, water will one day be used as a fuel, for the hydrogen and oxygen of which it is composed, used separately or together, will supply an inexhaustible source of heat and light of an intensity which hard coal is incapable." Jules Verne, The Mysterious Island

The Advantages of Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen is the most desirable for decarbonising industry, offering numerous advantages, above all its lower environmental impact. As a clean energy carrier, it emits no CO₂ when produced using renewable energy. This characteristic makes it an ideal solution for energy storage. It enables the management of excess renewable energy by storing surplus electricity generated during peak times in the form of hydrogen, which can then be converted back into electricity when demand increases.
Furthermore, the versatility of green hydrogen means it can be used in a variety of sectors including mobility (in road, rail and air transport as a fuel), in industry (as a substitute for fossil fuels in processes) and in energy networks and district heating (through its ability to balance supply and demand through storage and delivery). This adaptability not only contributes to the decarbonisation of these sectors, but also increases energy security, stability, and efficiency.

A white sedan car refueling at a hydrogen fuel station on a sunny day. Emission free eco friendly transport

A Surge in Collaborative Initiatives

The partnership between Mitsubishi and Shell to produce green hydrogen from offshore wind farms, the launch of a low-carbon hydrogen industrial plan by EDF and the partnerships between ENGIE and ALSTOM to supply renewable hydrogen for rail freight transport in Europe illustrate the industry's collaborative approach to deploying green hydrogen at scale. In addition, Bouygues Telecom's initiative to use green hydrogen energy solutions with the aim of reducing CO₂ emissions by 70% demonstrates the versatility of green hydrogen to reduce the carbon footprint in different sectors.

The momentum behind green hydrogen as a sustainable energy source is undeniable and is evidenced by the flurry of collaborative projects and partnerships for its production and application. These initiatives not only emphasise the environmental benefits of green hydrogen for industry, but also its growing role, support, and wider acceptance across the global energy landscape.

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