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Smart city

How EQUANS supports the 3 transitions of territories

To meet regulatory constraints and the needs of their inhabitants, the territories are embarking on a threefold transition, in which EQUANS is a force for proposals and implementation.

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Digital transition: the strength of EQUANS' support

EQUANS Digital brings its expertise and experience to local authorities as part of their digital transition. And this on 3 levels:

  • Connectivity with the capacity to install FTTH connections, 
  • The digitalisation of transport: in order to offer a better passenger experience, thanks to wifi in transport, and Navineo (Système d'Aide à l'Exploitation et d'Information Voyageurs - SAEIV). EQUANS France also owns ICOMERA, a world leader in connectivity solutions for transport (trains, trams, buses). In the United States, ICOMERA provides in-train wi-fi connectivity on a number of Amtrak lines. In the United Kingdom, ICOMERA is testing a passenger information solution for the visually impaired on a tram line in the West Midlands.
  • Data collection and processing, which is collected via our control platforms and our meters on our sites, in order to carry out metering operations (water, energy, number of vehicles, etc.), tracking (position of buses, municipal objects, bicycles, etc.) and monitoring (temperature, air quality, etc.).

Energy transition: reducing and monitoring energy consumption

As required by law, local authorities must implement action plans to reduce the energy consumption of their buildings. In this context, Equans is able to propose and implement solutions to reduce the energy consumption of buildings in cities and communities.

For example, in the Smart City of Angers (France), Equans places sensors in the buildings in order to provide information and control to reduce their energy consumption. For Angers Loire Métropole, a 3D model of the city is used to analyse the thermal situation and make projections. This makes it possible to detect priority areas and to simulate the impact that the greening of certain areas would have, while taking into account water consumption, with the aim of reducing it by 30% for the parks and gardens of Angers Loire Métropole.

Angers city
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Industrial transition: safer and more attractive territories

Equans is a partner of the State, local authorities, telecom operators and companies when it comes to providing a city with communication, transport or energy management infrastructures. These infrastructures considerably increase the attractiveness of territories, which are engaged in a form of competition to attract inhabitants and companies.

In France, Equans Cities and Connected Territories division was formed from the companies Axima and Ineo. Serving private and public clients of all sizes, it is characterised by its commitment to the entire value chain (financing, studies, implementation, maintenance, operation, etc.).

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