The car is a strong display of our local footprint, especially in very large territories like Australia. It's a driving billboard.
Caroline Bommes Head of Marketing and Communications, Australia & New Zealand
office EQUANS
Students need meaning, EQUANS gives its concrete jobs a capacity to contribute to the energy transition to achieve global performance: technical, economic & low carbon.
Elvia Marcellan Director Customer Decarbonation France
Energy & digital transitions, in particular, are at the heart of local authorities' issues. With EQUANS, they have a partner who can help them think about the use and development of the data produced in their areas, for the benefit of users.
Raphael Contamin Director of EQUANS Digital Solutions
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As well as embedding our new visual identity, we need to work together to tell a strong, coherent story that both conveys our sense of purpose and establishes our credentials to a wide range of audiences.
Niel Scott Marketing & Communications Director, UK & Ireland
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