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EQUANS: a brand, from positioning to action

Signage, trade fairs, premises, our new EQUANS brand is being deployed as close to the field as possible - thanks to our local teams across the globe! 

A brand that unites clients and employees around a common project is the ambition pursued after the creation of EQUANS on July 1st.

This ambition is taking shape as the brand is deployed throughout the world. It's gradually unifying all of our expertise in a common vision: building an efficient, safe and connected world. It gives substance to our mission: to support major transitions by providing a balanced response ("ANSwer") in a context where the relationship between the economy and ecology is changing.

As a strategic and operational steering tool, a communication tool of course, but also a management tool that unites employees, the deployment adapts to the particularities of all our countries at the speed of light! Our brand is the common banner of a commitment that we want to be unfailing.

The car is a strong display of our local footprint, especially in very large territories like Australia. It's a driving billboard.
Caroline Bommes Head of Marketing and Communications, Australia & New Zealand
office EQUANS
Students need meaning, EQUANS gives its concrete jobs a capacity to contribute to the energy transition to achieve global performance: technical, economic & low carbon.
Elvia Marcellan Director Customer Decarbonation France
Energy & digital transitions, in particular, are at the heart of local authorities' issues. With EQUANS, they have a partner who can help them think about the use and development of the data produced in their areas, for the benefit of users.
Raphael Contamin Director of EQUANS Digital Solutions
man with equans shirt
EQUANS flags
As well as embedding our new visual identity, we need to work together to tell a strong, coherent story that both conveys our sense of purpose and establishes our credentials to a wide range of audiences.
Niel Scott Marketing & Communications Director, UK & Ireland
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