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An agile organisation serving public transport projects

The 2700 transport experts at EQUANS are specialists in systems integration, which enables them to precisely understand transport networks and all their components, so as to improve their efficiency, security, service offering, and sustainability.

Digital transition

EQUANS values its human resources and invests actively in training

For example, we invests actively in training through “skills schools” which capitalise on and share expertise in cutting-edge technical disciplines and innovation, while its subsidiaries invest 6-8% of their revenue in R&D.

EQUANS operates throughout the public transport development value chain, from design studies to equipment maintenance. It possesses valuable technical expertise in electrical power supply, connectivity, signaling systems, and electromechanical equipment while remaining completely independent from equipment suppliers and manufacturers. This independence gives EQUANS the necessary freedom to find the best solutions for each project and precisely adapt its solutions to each client’s requirements.

Thanks to this flexibility and agility, EQUANS can work with a wide variety of organisations, from small to medium-sized local companies to major global construction groups. This allows EQUANS teams to handle all kinds of contracts, including partnerships with leading equipment suppliers in the industry (Siemens, Alstom, etc.). It also provides them with the necessary agility to adapt to each project’s specific model, which can vary widely depending on local governance.


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