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Energy efficiency: Equans contributes to the general mobilisation and proposes a set of solutions to reduce the energy consumption of BtoB players in Europe.

Air conditioning, heating, electricity, cooling, Equans, one of the world's leading providers of multi-technical services, offers BtoB players in Europe a range of short and medium-term energy efficiency solutions.

To develop this offer, particularly in our main European countries (France, Belgium, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands), the group relies on its multi-expertise in thermal, electrical, mechanical, renewable energy and digital engineering as well as its facility management skills.


Equans offers to help companies, industries and public actors cut down on their energy consumption by 15% to 60% with two types of solutions:

  • Short-term solutions for rapid improvement of their energy performance. Optimisation of technical installation settings, permanent or limited changes to comfort settings, fine-tuning of air and water installations in the service sector, energy performance contracts, etc. Significant gains can be made without significant impact on comfort.
  • Medium-term solutions for a greater and sustainable energy impact. Incentives to change equipment, such as replacing a gas boiler with a VHT (Very High Temperature) heat pump in an industrial process. Similarly, in the commercial building sector, the implementation of efficient Building Management Systems (BMS) can save up to 30% of energy. For small buildings, Equans has developed solutions that are quick and easy to implement. Equans Digital, the group's digital skills network, also offers Hypervision solutions that allow for even more detailed control of the various uses of buildings or connected installations. Finally, Equans offers its clients global energy efficiency solutions.

Interested managers are invited to contact the Equans team, who can help them generate a quick savings plan, or to send a request via the form on the website.


As a player in the energy, industrial and digital transitions, the Equans group is already positioned, through its integrator activity, as a component of the energy sobriety chain.

Every day, its teams work to make the transition of the economy more concrete:

  • by using geothermal energy,
  • by electrifying the railway lines, by insulating the facades of buildings,
  • by providing charging networks for electric vehicles,
  • by changing cooling systems in factories and supermarkets,
  • by using natural fluids that no longer contribute to the same CO2 levels,
  • by improving the electricity network, by providing battery storage,
  • by installing equipment on solar or wind fields.


Beyond its service offering, the Group shares the conviction that every energy saving is also a victory for the planet.

We are living in an unprecedented situation on the energy markets. That's why Equans offers a pragmatic and integrated approach to adapting and renewing installations to help local players achieve the energy sobriety they need.
Jérôme Stubler CEO of Equans


Equans is the world's leading provider of multi-technical services with 75,000 employees in more than 17 countries and an annual turnover of over €13 billion, Equans designs, installs, and delivers customized solutions to improve its clients' equipment, systems, and technical processes and optimize their use in the context of their energy, industrial, and digital transitions.

Thanks to a strong territorial footprint linked to its historical local brands and excellent technical know-how, Equans' highly qualified experts are able to support territories, cities, industries and buildings in the fields of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), Refrigeration and Fire Protection, Facility Management, Digital and ICT, Electrical, Mechanical and Robotic. Equans is the market leader in the main European markets (France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK) and is also well positioned in the US and Latin America.

Equans is a separate entity from ENGIE.

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