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EV charging

EV charging: a promising market

Recent government decisions point to a massive expansion of charging networks for electric vehicles in all countries.

In the European Union, for example, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association estimates that almost 7 million chargers will be necessary in 2030.

Our long-term objective is to offer our customers a European product with technological advances that will shorten charging times and a range of services that will enable optimal use of the electricity grid, contributing to the decarbonisation of transport.

"In the future, what will make the difference," analyses Dee Humphries, Managing Director of EQUANS EV Charging, "is the ease of use we will bring. Being able to do everything with one application".

"In the Netherlands, we can see that the electricity network is not designed for such a high level of energy consumption," says Peter Damen, , e-mobility consultant at EQUANS Netherlands. "In addition to recharging solutions, we will have to consider more global energy management solutions for our customers, in order to avoid grid congestion”. Bogdan Calinescu's analysis, EV Charging Development Director at EQUANS France, is the same, in a context where recharging stations are going to multiply: "the future is intelligent recharging: not allocating the same power everywhere, distributing it according to needs and even managing it between the terminals themselves. This is where we will stand out”. Finally, EQUANS is able to offer global solutions that go in the direction of decarbonisation, by including the production of renewable energy on the site of the recharging station. For example, in a car park, the shaded areas will be equipped with solar panels.

In this context, EQUANS has serious assets, beyond its technical references alone. The Group can establish pan-European offers, capitalise on its experience as an operator to develop service proposals, and promote energy integration by combining recharging, intelligent energy management, solar energy production and energy storage. Finally, the creation of EQUANS Digital, a network of cross-functional expertise within the Group, will encourage sharing and innovation in digital solutions and data exploitation, a real competitive advantage in this market.

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