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Equans: a plural and local nuclear player

Working in the nuclear sector is reserved for highly specialized, structured companies that are able to evolve at the same pace as the industry. Equans is one of those companies.

For 50 years, Equans has been supporting major clients in their major projects, with an exceptional capacity for action supported by highly efficient operational teams. Active on nuclear sites, from construction to decommissioning and maintenance operations, Equans has a range of recognized specialties, both in the civilian and military fields. This ability to intervene on such a broad scale is a distinctive feature that Equans puts at the service of its clients.

In order to meet the challenges of its clients, Equans offers a wide and recognized range of expertise:
  1. nuclear electrical engineering, for the construction of nuclear installations and operations in nuclear environments,
  2. HVAC, nuclear ventilation and fluid processes,
  3. mechanical, piping and bending solutions for nuclear facilities,
  4. multi-technical maintenance services to improve the performance of nuclear processes,
  5. logistics and manufacturing of waste packaging, 
  6. TCE projects - all trades works,
  7. dismantling, decontamination and support in complex environments,
  8. consulting and training in nuclear safety,
  9. multi-site facility management of aging nuclear installations,
  10. instrumentation, control and radiation protection.
Equans is one of the few players in the nuclear industry to offer multi-technical maintenance services for its clients' processes, while committing to the performance of these processes, this positioning is due to our extensive knowledge of the nuclear sector, particularly of Orano, CEA and EDF facilities, and to our ability to design organisations that mirror those of our clients, offering performance and reducing costs. And we can deal quickly with any on-site problem within our spectrum of activity.
Haikel Ben-Aoun Head of Equans' Nuclear Business Club & Director of Sales and Strategy for the nuclear market (Ineo Nuclear)


Equans has a highly diversified territorial presence in France and abroad, with specialties by country:


    Via the brands Ineo Nucléaire (electrical engineering, multi-technical integration and maintenance), Axima Nucléaire (HVAC, fluid treatment) and ECIA (engineering services), Equans France employs 2,000 people in the nuclear business, including 1,500 engineers. It also has 3 in-house training centres, 4 industrial workshops and test and maintenance platforms, and 2 R&D centres.

    Equans Belgium employs 1,000 people in the nuclear business. Part of this team brings together expertise in mechanical piping and multi-technical services. But also, local work and services in decontamination and dismantling, nuclear safety, maintenance, electrical and ventilation. Another part has developed a unique expertise in the design and handling of specific packaging for the transport of nuclear fuels and waste. Equans Belgium also has in-house training centres as well as 4 industrial workshops and test and maintenance platforms, enabling it to mobilise up to 2,000 people on nuclear projects in important phases.

    Equans UK employs 1000 people in the nuclear industry, mainly in facility management and in support of decommissioning and decontamination operations of nuclear facilities. For example, Equans UK oversees facility management for all EDF Energy's nuclear power plants, with teams involved in the maintenance of Sizewell nuclear power plant (EDF), the most modern in the UK.

    Equans Netherlands employs 50 people in the nuclear sector, in mechanical and electrical maintenance, mainly at the Borssele nuclear power plant, in order to extend the long-term operation and safety standards at the plant. For example, the specialized maintenance team assists EPZ with opening and closing the reactor vessel during the fuel exchange and calibrates instruments. Equans provides project management, detailed engineering and execution. Some of the projects concern the replacement of the preheater, the conventional cooling water supply valves and machine transformer.

    This organisation, which is close to the nuclear power plants, allows us to intervene quickly and efficiently. As an example, Equans succeeded in finding solutions to a critical technical issue for a nuclear client in less than 4 weeks, where a traditional project organization would have taken 3 times longer... Recognized for their efficiency, Equans' operational teams provide innovative and differentiated solutions to nuclear clients. All Equans entities have the certifications and qualifications required to work on nuclear sites, whether in the construction, operation or decommissioning phases.


    Equans offers cutting-edge specialties

    With the support of its design offices, Equans France develops a range of specific products and services for applications that meet complex and high safety requirements. "We have highly specialised expertise in France to enter the core process of nuclear installations" explains Haikel Ben-Aoun,

    Ventilation and nuclear electrical engineering, for example, are very high value-added expertises that place us as a leader in France and internationally.

    Ineo nucléaire and Axima nucléaire are experts in the fuel cycle and the environment of nuclear power plants and military nuclear facilities. Integration, design, construction, major projects, commissioning, supply chain management, and multi-technical maintenance with a commitment to performance are the hallmarks of our offerings and underpin our reputation. Equans also has data scientists who have designed algorithms for digital preventive maintenance: continuous measurement allows to prevent breakdowns and anticipate maintenance operations.

    Equans is also active in the military field, supporting the French army. This is a sensitive field that requires special qualifications and skills, and represents an important activity for Equans.


    Nuclear ventilation

    Nuclear ventilation and fluid processes

    Axima Nucléaire is the European leader in nuclear ventilation. Its activity also extends to thermal and process fluids, and vacuum engineering. Its expertise includes engineering and studies, equipment qualification, procurement, construction, commissioning and maintenance of installations. Axima Nucléaire is involved in new nuclear installations, modifications to nuclear installations, preparation for dismantling, aeraulic diagnostics and the manufacture of special machines (cooling units, etc.).

    Electrical engineering and integration of customised multi-technical solutions

    Ineo Nucléaire, a long-standing partner of the French nuclear industry, relies on its expertise in the field of electrical engineering to support the major contractors in the nuclear sector in France and abroad. Ineo Nucléaire is an integrator of customised multi-technical solutions that also offers a design-build service as a general contractor, a global and integrated offer for the protection and security of nuclear sites and a proven solution for global multi-site maintenance. Thanks to the expertise of its teams, its mastery of safety and security requirements, and the performance and reliability of nuclear site installations and systems, Ineo Nucléaire has been supporting players in the industry for over 50 years.

    nuclear workers
    Industrial zone, Steel pipelines and cables in blue tones

    Mechanical, piping and bending

    For 50 years, Equans Belgium, historically through Fabricom, has proven its expertise throughout the life cycle of nuclear reactors, whether in the fields of piping, mechanics, but also in electrical, instrumentation, control, ventilation and maintenance, and this as early as the construction phase. In order to fulfil these tasks, our certified teams work continuously in the power plants, whether it be for projects, installation modifications or maintenance operations, and this in complete safety.

    Nuclear logistics and decontamination

    Equans Belgium is a solution provider for the nuclear sector in Belgium but also internationally. It is through its brand Transnubel that the Group became a reference in the transport of radioactive materials. Today, Equans Belgium’s expertise lie in logistics, nuclear transport, decontamination, decommissioning, operational services, maintenance, packaging design and specific nuclear tools.  See our achievements (lien vers la page Our achievements).

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