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Smart buildings

EQUANS Digital: a strike force for smart buildings

Launched on 25 May this year, EQUANS Digital, at the heart of the smart building, integrates digital technologies as a performance lever to optimise usage and contribute to energy and carbon efficiency. All processes related to real estate assets are analysed to increase their efficiency according to an established rule: performance results from the meeting of information and action.

EQUANS Digital mobilises 6,000 experts in 17 countries.

This operational strength enables it to offer its expertise in a wide range of fields related to smart buildings: customised integration - at the heart of buildings - of the entire value chain from control to information systems; hypervision, cybersecurity, interior comfort, workplace management, BIM to manage a building thanks to its digital twin, etc. EQUANS Digital also offers to use all the potential of data to optimise building operation (BOS (Building Operating System) approach), as well as to achieve its energy and environmental efficiency objectives. For industrial buildings, EQUANS Digital supports its clients in the transition to Industry 4.0.


Building use and management

EQUANS teams are involved at all stages in the life of a building - from design to construction and maintenance - whether it be a tertiary, industrial or hospital building. From the building design stage, EQUANS teams can work with 150 BIM experts to create a dynamic model that can be used throughout the life cycle of a real estate asset, from its construction to its operation and even its dismantling. Teams can also integrate data from third-party equipment into the BIM models produced by EQUANS. Furthermore, by having a repository of accurate data, EQUANS teams will be able to match usage with building management at key moments in its operation, such as the renewal or redevelopment of spaces. Once analysed, this data will enable scenarios to be simulated in terms of managing the flow of people or installing new equipment and will provide managers with decision-making tools. The teams can also intervene on a daily basis to control the technical management of the buildings (BMS) and the services linked to the occupants as an Integrated Facility Manager (see below).

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