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EV charging

A diversified offer in electric mobility

EQUANS is already present in the electric mobility value chain and can draw on the diversity of its experience.

The United Kingdom and the Netherlands, for historical reasons, have developed an operator activity (CPO - Charge Point Operators), i.e. they operate their own network.


In the Netherlands, EQUANS operates concessions. The company has, for example, won an exceptional contract for 4,000 charging points in the Rotterdam area. EQUANS also offers solutions for companies and the logistics sector, for which it is developing a specific offer. "We install, maintain and operate on logistics sites because these are more complex operations that require more of our expertise," explains Jan Brandts, Head of e-mobility at EQUANS Netherlands. "For the public space, the focus is put more on organizing and facilitating the growth of EV charging with the installation of dozens of charge points per day - and we work with subcontractors for the installation," he says.

In the United Kingdom, EQUANS divides its EV charging business between destination charging stations and fleet (such as Ford, Beefeater or NatWest). The company has developed turnkey solutions for the latter. "The idea is to put chargers in place and help companies monetise them," explains Dee Humphries, Managing Director of EQUANS EV Solutions, "so that the company can know what the energy will cost them, what rate they can charge the end user, employee or visitor. We collect all that for them and pay them the revenue generated."

EQUANS also operates The GeniePoint, the UK's third largest public charging network stations with 100,000 registered motorists: over 500 rapid charging points (50kW) are accessible throughout the country, at locations deemed strategic (such as the car parks of the Morrisson's supermarket chain), allowing people to charge their batteries to 80% in 45 minutes.

Outside the UK and the Netherlands, EQUANS is positioning itself as a first choice installer and maintainer. In France, for example, EQUANS is responsible for the technical packages for the recharging stations created by ENGIE and Power Dot, a Portuguese start-up that is in the process of building a European network. In France, as elsewhere, there is a strong demand for this. EQUANS has already installed 340 fast charging stations in France, 150 of which are ultra-fast (over 150kW of power). As in other countries, we are seeing the arrival of many competitors in electromobility: traditional energy players, pure-players, financed by major fund-raising or local authorities and energy associations. Finally, EQUANS France also offers its EV Charging service to its own customers.

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