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Smart buildings

Smart, connected... Discover the smart building

The word "smart building" is used to designate a connected and intelligent building, which integrates multiple digital functionalities for better management of energy, air quality, thermal comfort and security.


As a solutions integrator, EQUANS has a comprehensive understanding of smart buildings, capable of intervening in electrical and climate engineering, building protection, IT and telecommunications, as well as in digital solutions to capture and process data in order to optimise all the components of the building.

Controlled-use buildings

The energy transition, the health crisis and the improvement of the quality of life at work are the three markers that impact the evolution of modern buildings today. From the design stage onwards, new technologies are enabling construction models and engineering methods to be redesigned.

The smart building is based on BIM (Building Information Modeling), a digital model of the physical building. The building is thought of in terms of its future uses, which, instead of being a fixed structure, becomes a set of services that will evolve over time. Buildings are now becoming service platforms, for the benefit of users and asset managers. These services enable intelligent management of energy consumption, room occupancy, maintenance of different equipment and service provider interventions. All types of buildings are concerned: offices, shopping centres, hospitals, production sites, etc. Equipped with chips, sensors, analysers and remote control systems, the asset can then be used according to the criteria mentioned above. Certain actions can be automated to make the building as autonomous as possible, and individualised control tools for the building's occupants allow them to interact with their working environment (blinds, lighting, etc.). Today, the smart building is more than ever a lever to help building operators reduce their operating costs and adapt to new needs. It is also an accelerator of decarbonisation, by allowing intelligent control of electrical, cooling and heating networks.

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