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Business case - Systecon HVAC

A Modular Solution for Semiconductor Chips

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Ushering the automobile industry into a cleaner, more efficient future

Set on ushering the automobile industry into a cleaner, more efficient future, our client sought to build a $1B USD chip manufacturing plant from the ground up and Systecon has been selected to provide a Turnkey Modular Utility Solution.

This custom designed, factory assembled, performance tested and delivered to this new site is cost efficient and saves valuable time, playing a vital role in this large-scale industrial client’s plans of production of semiconductor.  

Key figures

million silicon carbide chips to be produced
up to 10 %
more energy efficiency in vehicles

Key figures

million silicon carbide chips to be produced
up to 10 %
more energy efficiency in vehicles

Problematisation and customer issues

Producing a Small Product for a Large Global Impact

Building a chip manufacturing plant valued at $1B USD from scratch is no simple feat, even for a large-scale industry leader in semiconductor innovation. When the client developed plans for a fabrication facility in Marcy, NY set to produce a new form of silicone carbide semiconductors for electric automobiles, they required a partner with the capabilities to deliver contemporary cooling technology in time for a targeted 2022 opening, all while remaining in budget.  

Our response

 Pre-fabrication for an Efficient Process 

Our modular method to factory construction relies on the pre-fabrication of key apparatuses. The modular solution approach allows for in-house time-saving prep work that results in the delivery of pre-constructed plant components designed in line with the customers unique project requirements. On this project, we are set to produce and transfer a system for chilled water pumping via a stainless-steel pump and a heat exchanger loop. 

Silicon carbide semiconductors will facilitate more efficient power technology in automobiles, allowing for 6-10% less battery usage when compared to predecessor silicon chips; however, these advancements in vehicle energy efficiency would not be possible without the successful delivery of cooling plant technology that is within budget and on time. 



Systecon has completed their portion of work on this project in line with the client’s 2022 production start deadline and follows approximately $12M USD in work from sister company H.T. Lyons. 

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