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Business Case - Semiconductor production plant

Modern cooling technology for a semiconductor plant in the USA

Delivering contemporary cooling technology in time for a targeted 2022 opening

Set on ushering the automobile industry into a cleaner, more efficient future, our client sought to build a manufacturing plant from the ground up and Systecon, one of EQUANS’ entities, has been selected to provide a Turnkey Modular Utility Solution.

When the client developed plans for a fabrication facility in Marcy, NY set to produce a new form of silicone carbide semiconductors for electric automobiles, they required a partner with the capabilities to deliver contemporary cooling technology in time for a targeted 2022 opening.

large central air conditioning system cooling fan system pipeline

Our solution

Our modular method to factory construction relies on the pre-fabrication of key apparatuses. The modular solution approach allows for inhouse time-saving prep work that results in the delivery of pre-constructed plant components designed in line with the customers unique project requirements.

On this project, we are set to produce and transfer a system for chilled water pumping via a stainless-steel pump.



  • 200 million silicon carbide chips to be produced
  • Up to 10% more energy efficiency in vehicles
  • Systecon has completed their portion of work on this project in line with the client’s 2022 production start deadline.
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