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Smart city

Regulatory framework for smart cities: fighting global warming

At the European level, the regulatory trend on the subject of Smart Cities is correlated with the fight against global warming, with a stated ambition: a climate-neutral European Union by 2050.

As a direct consequence, climate action must be integrated in all areas, including in cities and territories. Hence the local and global objectives of reducing energy consumption, particularly fossil fuels, in infrastructure, buildings and transport. The issue of global warming is also central. This includes the renovation of urban infrastructures to optimize their use.

At Equans, our teams work on the energy efficiency of public buildings, mobility management, and the living environment - with the greening of urban spaces being a major focus. More generally, elected officials have five main priorities concerning the city of today and tomorrow.

This city must be :

  • sober: it must reduce its energy consumption and its CO2 emissions,
  • fluid: we must be able to move around quickly, easily and without nuisance,
  • quiet and safe,
  • clean,
  • budgetary efficient: in a context where local authority budgets are tending to decrease while needs are increasing.

Depending on the policy of the city or the community, these priorities will take on a different role. For example, if the elected representatives want to maintain a clean city, the priority will be to install litter detection systems, for example. Or, if the desire is to make the city safer, the priority will be video protection. But whatever the political choices of cities and communities - and their equipment priorities - the general trend is to reduce costs.

For example, if we take an area that has been widely highlighted in recent news, public lighting, which represents a significant part of a local budget, Equans is able to offer solutions that can save between 30% and 70% on public lighting by switching to LED lighting.

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